The Symbolism

Emeka is aiming to bring a new understanding to our clothing as something unique and sacred, rather than disposable. That's why we chose the "Chi" Symbol from the ancient Nsibidi Alphabet to represent our Philosophy.

Nsibidi is a system of symbols used by the indigenous people of southeast Nigeria. The igbo tribe used these symbols both for communication and decoration, as seen on pottery or paintings. The "Chi" Symbol is of special importance because it represent one of the key concepts of the traditional igbo spirituality called Odinani.

Odinani is a believe system comprised of several main figures and concepts: Chukwu as the high God and universal life force, Ala or eke the divine feminine earth force, chi the 'personal deity', ndichie the ancestors, and mmuo the minor spirits.

Chi is the personal spirit or deity of a person which is believed to determine one's destiny. In other words, Chi is a spiritual connection between an individual and the high god, and it dictates the trajectory of a person's spiritual journey on earth. Each chi is personal and is in communion with and inseparable from the universal chi of all things. 

Since all our clothing is one-of-a-kind, we chose the Chi Symbol to refer to each persons individual strength. Connecting to one's Chi and finding empowerment in one's individuality is one of the most powerful things a human can do. If it is our personal spirit that determines destiny, then it is of great importance to keep our spirits lifted! And sometimes all it takes to feel good about ourselves is to wear an unique suit, full of conficence!