Emeka is a black and green lifestyle enterprise. Black, because it is black owned, black made and created to empower African industries. Green, because it is using upcycled materials, aiming for a waste free production chain and exploring new ideas of sustainability.

Our business is rooted in Africa and seeks to bring change to its people and communities. We seek to overcome post-colonial supply-chains and create empowerment through ownership and employment. Emeka is a black-owned business employing local tailors in East and West Africa. This is not just important to push the black narrative forward, but especially important for the actual work opportunities we are creating for people who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves.

Our clothing is based upon the idea of resourcefulness. We use what is already there and upcycle materials that otherwise would be considered waste. Therefor we aim towards a more circular understanding of business and create an awareness for the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

In the end EMEKA wants to create more than clothing. We want to create a new cultural narrative that highlights diversity and sustainability; and we are telling these narratives through fashion, through imagery, through creativity.